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The National Agents Alliance Team

Andy Albright Andy Albright As the CEO of , some might find it surprising that Andy Albright lives in the same Burlington NC farmhouse where he grew up. Even though he hasn't moved very far, those who know Andy best know he's come a long way to make it to the top.

Andy Albright spent his youth working the fields, playing baseball, and dreaming of how he could improve his circumstances. Electing a path of education over professional sports, he graduated from NC State University with a degree in textile sciences. He would spend the next 11 years proving his leadership ability at textile companies such as Glen Raven Mills, Allied Signal, and Burlington Industries.

Tim Goad Tim Goad has been serving others through ministry, music, speaking, and leadership development for more than 30 years. Orphaned in his teens, Goad founded and developed a charity that is been active in more than 100 countries providing millions of meals, medicines and clothing to millions in need.

With his wife, Gaye, and their two children – Blake and BreAnn – the Goads are still spreading the message all over the world. He has spoken and performed in front of millions of people, including Mother Teresa, President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush. The Goads travel all over the world spreading hope for people of all walks of life. Goad serves as The Alliance’s Cultural Advisor. He received the 2010 Children’s Charity Award at the National Charity Dinner in Washington, D.C.

Alex Fitzgerald Alex Fitzgerald's was on track to live the typical American life: he graduated from college, got married and was about to enter the workforce.

NAA President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright convinced him to do otherwise. After working with Albright in numerous ventures, the two finally paired up again with National Agents Alliance.

Fitzgerald moved from Burlington, N.C. to Dallas, Texas in 1999, and he joined the National Agents Alliance team in September 2002 shortly after the company started.

"I've been working around Andy Albright for half of my life," Fitzgerald said. "When he said that he was forming a company that could be our own, I was instantly in. There was no question and no hesitation about that."

After almost 10 years with NAA, Fitzgerald is one of the company's brightest stars – easily earning more than $1 million annually. "Fitz" and his wife Heather reside with their three children just outside of Dallas, Texas.

Despite being one of NAA's top earners, "Fitz" says the best has yet to come.

"I want to be the best that I can be," Fitzgerald said. "We want to be leaders of leaders."

Stephen Davies Stephen Davies found National Agents Alliance while thumbing through newspaper ads and decided to drive to Burlington, N.C. from the Asheville area to meet Andy Albright in person. Davies had lost respect for the company he worked for and he was looking to make a career change.

A decade later, Davies is one of the brightest leaders with NAA, and still holds the record as the youngest person to earn seven figures in a 12-month period. Davies and his wife, Hollie live in Candler, N.C. with their two children.

Alex Abuyuan Alex Abuyuan was looking for another career when he discovered National Agents Alliance. He was tired of working long hours and being away from his wife, Ginny and the couple’s five children. He didn’t see a chance to advance with his employer and wanted a better life for his family.

Art Leazer called Abuyuan and told him he thought he had an opportunity that would fit him well. After starting on a part-time basis with NAA, Abuyuan soon quit his other job to focus solely on NAA. Abuyuan has made millions of dollars with National Agents Alliance, but he’s also helped others find financial freedom. His ultimate goal is to help better the world through mission work and children’s charities.

Bill Lampe Bill Lampe and his wife, Diane Lampe, were so far in debt that the couple didn't even want to check their mailbox daily. Six months after joining National Agents Alliance, the Lampe's were among the Top 10 on the company's leaderboards in both recruiting and production.

Lampe grew up on a farm, finished high school early and never even thought about going to college. He did, however, have a dream and it became a reality when the couple earned $1.2 million in their first full year with National Agents Alliance.

Lampe says that NAA rewards hard work for those that use the system.

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