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Who We Are at National Agents Alliance

National Agents Alliance is an insurance marketing organization that only works with A-rated companies like Foresters, Mutual of Omaha, and Columbian Financial Group. NAA not only offers the best insurance products available, but delivers unmatched sales training for agents.

We believe that our agents are the key to tomorrow. Through our thorough training program and our agents’ access to leaders within the industry, we are able to train our agents to be successful and to continue growing as they work. Through our use of premium training techniques and our lead generation system, we are able to prep our agents for the future of insurance sales. We know our dedicated insurance agents hold the key to success in tomorrow, and that’s why we provide them with the best resources available to become the best they can be.

At National Agents Alliance, agents have the chance to form their own agencies as they move up. Owning their own agency and having expansive financial resources is something most people only dream of! Agents are able to work their way to the top, with the opportunity to come to be as prosperous as they want. Depending on the quantity and quality of sales, they are able to move to the top quickly. Agents who go above and beyond and succeed say that being with National Agents Alliance is the best sales job in the world!

In addition to limitless sales opportunities, National Agents Alliance also has the most effective and efficient lead generation system in the industry, meaning that agents will always have qualified leads with people who are really seeking NAA’s services and products. Having this system in place helps make sure that agents have the resources to make sales. All leads are generated independently of other companies, solely through NAA, so NAA can guarantee that leads are fresh and have not been previously sold. Agents will receive leads of people who are interested in purchasing insurance, not uninterested people who have no idea why you are calling. National Agents Alliance wants agents to succeed and make sales, so NAA provides them with the best tools to make that happen!

With National Agents Alliance, the opportunities are endless, but it’s up to you to take full advantage of them! National Agents Alliance agents choose their hours and income – only you have the authority to define your success!

Quality Leads:

We’ve already mentioned National Agents Alliance’s incredible, in-house lead generation system, but we want to tell you a little more about it. When other companies buy leads from vendors, there is a high risk of those same leads being purchased by to multiple other agents, the leads being months or years old, or the majority of the leads being people who are not at all interested in buying insurance. All of these things make it less likely for agents to make sales. That’s why we produce our leads in house instead of buying them from vendors.

We generate our leads solely for the use of our agents, meaning that we are not a lead vendor. We do not sell our leads to agents or companies outside of NAA – our leads are generated for and distributed to only NAA agents. No more calling dozens of leads who have no interest in insurance. We filter that for you because of the system we use.

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